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Ain't No Grave (Live)    
I Could Still Go Free (Live)    
I've Got a Praise (Live)    
Nobody Greater (Live)
Consider the Lilies (Live)
Falling in Love With Jesus (Live)    
I Lean on You Lord (Live)
Something Got Ahold of Me (Live)
Heaven Will Be Worth the Journey (Live)
Waiting Down Here at the River (Live)    
Too Much to Gain to Lose (Live)    
I Held on (Live)
Rough Side of the Mountain (Live)
To Me He's Become Everything (Live)    
I've Got Victory over the Enemy (Live)    
Heaven Must Be a Beautiful Place (Live)    
I Can't Even Walk (Live)    
Mighty You Are (Live)
I Feel Like Praising Him (Live)    
Fire Shut up in My Bones (Live)    
Everytime (Live)    
Why Should I Worry (Live)    
He's Never Failed Me (Live)    
I Am Not Alone (Live)    
What a Day That Will Be (Live)    
Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around (Live)    
He's Alive (Live)    
I'm Not TIRed yet (Live)    
Sky Full of Angels (Live)    
Nobody Like You Lord (Live)    

Down Through The Years (VOL 1 & 2)

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