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Jeremiah Yocom is the Minister of Music at Redemption Road Church, located in Danville, KY. Since the age of 5, Jeremiah has been ministering the gospel across the U.S. including Mexico & Alaska. He has sung on TBN's Praise the Lord program, World Harvest Church, Solid Rock Church and has been a featured guest at Jesse Duplantis' crusade.  

He has been given the opportunity to sing with many well-known groups but continues to fulfil his calling as a solo artist.  Music was basically "birthed" in him, as for both of his parents are anointed, singers/musicians. Not only is he blessed with God-given talents, but he also carries an awesome anointing. He is a singer, keyboardist, percussionist, and organist.

Armed with these gifts and the love of God, Jeremiah's mission is to minister to all who hunger and thirst after the real out pouring of God's power.


Gary Yocom is Jeremiah's father and pastor.  He was not raised in church but had the drive to learn guitar.  By his late teens, he was already an accomplished guitarist and was playing in Rock bands.  He started attending a Pentecostal church to meet girls.  That's where he met Jeremiah's mother, Veronica.  He was saved in May of 1971 and dedicated his musical talent completely to God and the church.  He and Veronica were married in December of 1971.  By 1978, they had three children, Jeremiah and his two sisters.  They were very active in the church until 1987 when God called Gary to preach.  Gary and Veronica founded Redemption Road Church in December of 1987.  The church has thrived under their leadership and continues to grow.  They are currently in their fourth facility.    Gary is still the senior pastor along with Jeremiah as co-pastor, administrator and music director.  Over 10,000 people watch RRC streaming every week.

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Pike County, in Eastern KY, is where the music began for AJ. At the young age of 8yrs old he sat down on a drum kit & began to play in church. He continued this path until age 17, when he picked up a bass guitar & never turned back. Raised in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, old time gospel & bluegrass gospel are just woven into his DNA.  AJ played with JYM for the first time on May 31, 2019 in Cedar Bluff, VA. AJ is married to a wonderful song/choir leader and also is a father to twin girls. JYM is blessed to have Brother AJ as our Bass player!


Raised in a Southern Baptist Church, Daniel Miller felt the call of God on his life at a very young age.  At 11 years old, he was flipping through the channels and came upon Jeremiah Yocom and RRC.  He was so overwhelmed by the Spirit that he wanted to experience what he had seen on the TV.  He began to record the weekly broadcasts and learned to play the piano by watching Jeremiah.  At age 12, he came to a Jeremiah Yocom meeting and danced in the Spirit for the first time.  Shortly after, he was baptized in the Holy Ghost.  Through all of his teenage years, he pursued God with much passion and commitment.  As a young adult, he began to attend RRC and travel full time with JYM.  He is not only the pianist/organist for Jeremiah but serves as administrative assistant.  In 2013, he married a beautiful and talented young lady who also serves in ministry at RRC.  They have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl.   


Zack Nicholson is the youngest member of the band.  His immediate and extended family began attending Redemption Road Church in 2007.  Zack was a small child  at the time but his passion for music and God was already evident.  Jeremiah could see the potential and passion in him.  So, before Zack was even a teen, Jeremiah took him on some tour dates to expose him to ministry on the road.  As time went on, he began to travel full time with JYM.  He not only works in a technical capacity by setting up instruments and hooking up the system but assists Jeremiah in any way needed.  He has recently started playing acoustic guitar in the band and continues to pursue his passion in music.  He sings in the choir and on the Youth Praise Team.  He is also an active member of the youth group and is a volunteer fire fighter. 


Jason Pratt / Drummer

Jason grew up in Indiana where he learned to play music in the Pentecostal church at a very early age.  His professional drumming abilities have been recognized by many as he has played on several studio albums.  He has perfected the art of drumming and is the consistent, rock solid, foundation that Jeremiah's unique sound is built around.  He started traveling with JYM in August of 2017.  He is dedicated and loyal to the calling God has placed on his life.  He has a beautiful wife and two lovely daughters.  

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