What is a JYM Partner?

God has placed a unique calling and gift upon Brother Jeremiah's life to "Restore" the atmosphere of Pentecost back into the full-gospel movement.

He is doing this in church and concert venues across America and is 100% reliant upon freewill donations to achieve this great calling.  As a JYM Partner, you are helping him and his team "restore" to this generation, a heritage and worship experience that has nearly vanished in the Pentecostal movement.   

How am I helping?

Your generous donations will help provide in every aspect of the ministry.  Expenses include but are not limited to; venue rentals, airfare, lodging, fuel, food, equipment purchases, vehicle and trailer maintenance, etc.  Jeremiah travels with a full team of musicians and a PA/Instrument setup.  This makes expenses more than usual but God continues to provide and meet every financial need.  Average cost do to a "Restore Pentecost" event is $5000.  This is expenses alone.  Jeremiah is not concerned about making money for himself but would like to see all expenses paid for.  Your monthly, yearly or one-time gift will help provide these needs.  

How do I sign up?

The JYM partnership program is designed to better connect people with the heart of brother Jeremiah's ministry. For a monthly donation of $25, $50 or $100 or a one-time yearly donation of $300, as a thank you, you will receive the following:

  • Will receive any new JY Recordings when they are released, free as a gift

  • Special intercessory prayer for partners and their families every Sunday at Redemption Road Church

  • Mention your partnership to receive 10% off of any Jeremiah Yocom Ministries purchase at Redemption Road Church or conferences in which Brother Jeremiah is ministering. Sorry, we can not allow a discount for online purchases at this time.

  • Reserved seating at JYM events including Summer Revival and Campmeeting at Redemption Road Church