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Camp Judah

It has been a vision and dream of of mine for many years to have my own youth camp.  We have even searched for camp facilities in the Central, KY area but have found nothing to accommodate our vision.  Recently, the Mckinney Elementary School, which I attended my entire childhood, was closed down and came up for auction.  This is a multi-million dollar facility, situated on over 8 acres.  It has a newer gymnasium, commercial kitchen, large cafeteria and everything we need to operate our very own youth camp.  I found out about this sealed bid auction just hours before the bids were due.  I prayed, called my wife who was in total agreement and made a very small bid.  The board of education unanimously made the decision to accept my bid.  THIS IS A MIRACLE!!!!  We have over 30,000 square feet under roof.  Several acres of beautiful property for sports.  This ground is going to change thousand of lives.  We have purchased the facility but with your help, we need to make this property fit for a camp.  We need 500 bunks and beds.  We need shower houses and the school needs a few upgrades.  The facility is in very good condition because it was a fully functional, public school just 2 years ago.  We have much of what we need already there but we will need $165,000 to make the necessary upgrades for the camp.  If everyone will give a little, we can do this before camp time in July!  I am believing for God to speak to hearts.  There are some that can give amounts that will complete projects as a whole.  There are some that can only give a little.  It is all important and we are asking for your consideration.  We can promise you that the funds will go directly to this ministry.  This awesome camp will be life changing and alter the future for many children and even adults.  We will also be using this facility for conferences and retreats.  Let the Lord speak to your heart.  All donations are tax deductible.  If you want to specify exactly what your donation is used for, we will use it for just that.  God Bless you all!

This is the $165,000 broken down.  You can give to any area.  We will have to raise it all but some may want to give to a specific area.  As we raise the money and start on the facility, we will keep you updated with pictures and videos of the progress.  We will also keep you updated with the financial progress.  

500 Mattresses $50,000

Shower Houses $30,000

Water Heaters $9,000

Auditorium HVAC $30,000

Facility Upgrades $46,000

Mail checks to:

Jeremiah Yocom Ministries

125 Pemberton Lane

Danville, KY 40422

​Click the donation button that you would like to give to 


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